All About mRNA Vaccines Webquest

All About mRNA Vaccines Webquest

mRNA vaccines

This web quest takes students on a fascinating journey to discover how mRNA Vaccines are made in months instead of years, and how they stimulate an immune system response to protect against sickness and infection.

This product includes a PDF version and a digital Google Slide Version that can be assigned individually, as a small or whole group activity or as an emergency substitute activity.

Topics Covered

What is the job of a vaccine?

What are the 4 types of vaccines?

Measles Vaccine Production Process

What is the job of RNA?

What is DNA?

What is mRNA?

How do mRNA Vaccines produce an immune response?

mRNA Vaccine Development Process

mRNA Vaccine Safety

Genetic Sequencing of Viral RNA




Lipid Nanoparticles


History of mRNA Vaccine Research

Potential Future Uses of mRNA Vaccines

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Virus & Vaccine Web Quest Bundle

Virus & Vaccine Web Quest Bundle

This web quest bundle makes a great activity to introduce the topics of viruses, how vaccines are made, and the body’s immune response. It also is perfect for an emergency sub lesson! I’ve included a variety of engaging video and website resources from: Ask a Biologist, Cells Alive, Amoeba Sisters, CDC, Live Science, and more. – Answer Keys Included!

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Virus Topics Included

  • Structure of a typical virus
  • Modern Cell Theory
  • Bacteriophage
  • Lytic Cycle
  • Lysogenic Cycle
  • Immune System Response
  • Leukocytes
  • Helper T-Cells
  • HIV Virus
  • Influenza Virus
  • Respiratory Sincitial Virus
  • Human Parainfluenza Virus
  • Adenoviruses
  • Coronaviruses
  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Virus
  • Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Vaccine Development Topics Covered

  • Covid-19 Vaccine Development Process
  • Vaccine Rapid Response Platforms
  • Moderna Nucleic Acid Vaccine Platform
  • Antigen
  • Pathogen
  • Recombinant Protein
  • Messenger RNA
  • Growth Medium
  • Bioreactors
  • Fermenters
  • Viral Vaccines
  • Antibiotics
  • Chromatography
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Stabilizers
  • Preservatives
  • Adjuvant
  • Freeze-dried Vaccines
  • Rehydration of Vaccines

Immune System Topics Covered

  • Antibodies
  • Antigens
  • Antigen Presenting Cells
  • Active Killer T Cell
  • Memory Killer T Cell
  • Memory B Cell
  • Memory T Helper Cell
  • Naive B Cell
  • Naive Killer T Cell
  • Plasma B Cell
  • Vaccine Antigen
  • T Helper Cell
  • Pathogens
  • Vaccination
  • Disease Agents
  • Target Antigens
  • Attenuated Virus
  • Primary & Secondary Response

Looking for a No-Prep Lesson on the COVID-19 Coronavirus?

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virus and vaccines webquest
What is a Coronavirus Mini-Lesson for Grades 5 thru 12

What is a Coronavirus Mini-Lesson for Grades 5 thru 12

What is the Corona Virus?

Common Human Corona Viruses typically cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory illnesses like the common cold or pneumonia or bronchitis in more severe cases. Most people will catch a coronavirus at some point in their lives and these sicknesses typically last a few days. More severe types of the virus include SARS and MERS can lead to death. Symptoms include: runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat, and fever.

This complete mini-lesson includes a worksheet that explains what a Coronavirus is, has a color-coded diagram of a typical Corona Virus, explains symptoms of someone infected with a Corona Virus, and explains how someone can reduce the risk of becoming infected as well as how to treat a common Corona Virus infection. Included in this mini-lesson is a cloze reading activity with an answer sheet, and an exit ticket for a quick formative assessment.

Included in this complete No-Prep Lesson!

  • Teacher Lesson Guide
  • Interactive Notebook Vocabulary Cut and Paste Graphic Organizer
  • 10 Question MC Quiz
  • KWL Chart Activity
  • Google Slide presentation with student fill-in-the-blank notes
  • Google Slide Presentation – Peardeck Version (added 12/13/20)
  • CLOZE Reading Activity with color-coded Coronavirus Illustration
  • Optional 2nd CLOZE Reading Activity
  • Exit Ticket for a quick formative assessment
  • Answer Keys for all handouts and activities!

Google Slide Presentation with Student Fill-in-the-Blank Notes & Answer Key

Slide 2 – Explains what a Coronavirus is

Slide 3 – Explains the typical Coronavirus Structure

Slide 4 – Explains the life cycle of a Coronavirus

Slide 5 – Explains the common symptoms of a Coronavirus infection

Slide 6 – Explains how the typical Coronavirus is spread

Slide 7 – Explains how to protect yourself from a Coronavirus infection

Slide 8 – Explains how to treat a Coronavirus infection

Topics Covered

Virus structure


Lytic Cycle

Lysogenic Cycle





What a virus is

Examples of Coronaviruses: SARS,MERS, COVID-19

Symptoms of a Coronavirus infection

Treatment of a Coronavirus infection

Prevention of a Coronavirus infection

How a human body cell is infected by a Coronavirus

Google Classroom version: included in your purchase are Google Doc & Google Slide versions of all of the above handouts, a google form CLOZE Reading Quiz, a google form Exit Ticket, and a google form 10 Question MC Quiz! All 3 of these assessments are auto-grading so you can import grades with the click of a mouse!

Peardeck version of Google Slide Presentation is included in the Digital Version! Peardeck turns a boring slide presentation into an engaging interactive lesson. Monitor students responses from the Peardeck Teacher Dashboard while you are presenting the lesson or you can make the Peardeck Student self-paced and students complete the Peardeck independently. Teachers can review student responses real-time or later from the Peardeck website.

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