This highly engaging online simulation asks students to take on the role of a Public Health Director to determine the cause of a recent mystery killer virus epidemic outbreak at a local High School and Senior Center.

In their role as Public Health Director, students are guided by an expert epidemiologist through the entire case study simulation which consists of:

  • Studying medical reports and determining which ones to follow-up on
  • Collecting information and identifying patterns of infection from patients
  • Using the Scientific Method, develop & test a hypothesis to explain the outbreak.
  • Evaluate epidemiological testing to determine what pathogen is causing the disease.
  • Use epidemiology methods to determine the source and how the pathogen spreads.
  • Make a recommendation on which patients should be isolated and quarantined.

Distance Learning: This simulation case study is appropriate for independent student work and should require minimal or no additional instructions from the teacher, The online simulation takes the student thru the entire process, step-by-step, with clear and concise directions from a virtual “expert epidemiologist”.

Topics Covered: Scientific Method, Epidemiologist, Epidemic, Obtaining Medical records to confirm illness symptoms, Mapping locations of confirmed cases, Establish timelines and travel histories, Developing Hypothesis for what is causing illnesses and how it is spreading, Viral or Bacterial Culture, Blood Cultures, Rapid PCR Test, Blood Test for Antibodies, Case-Definition, Case-Control Study, Longitudinal Study, Analytic Epidemiology, Odds-Ratio

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virus outbreak simulation