NASA Artemis Program WebQuest: Mission to the Moon & Beyond (Grades 3-5)


NASA Artemis Program WebQuest

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NASA’s Artemis Program will send astronauts to the moon to explore, build a moon base, and prepare for travel to Mars. This webquest takes students on a journey to explore and learn about NASA’s Artemis Program, the Space Launch System(SLS) Rocket, the new Orion Crew Capsule, the Gateway Lunar Orbiting Station, the planned Artemis Moon Base, and more.

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Topics Covered in this Web Quest

Space Launch System (SLS): Students will take a tour of the world’s most powerful rocket and learn about each of the rockets components. Students will also be taken on a journey from launch, docking with the lunar Gateway station, lunar landing & takeoff, and eventual splashdown back on Earth.

Orion Crew Spacecraft: Students will learn about NASA’s newest space capsule.

Gateway Lunar Orbiting Station: Students will be introduced to Gateway, a space station that will orbit the moon and allow multiple missions to explore the moon at the same time and is key to building the Artemis Moon Base.

Artemis Moon Base: Students will learn about NASA’s planned lunar base. The Artemis Moon Base will allow NASA to practice skills and discover what is necessary before venturing on to Mars.

There are 3 Tasks in this webquest specifically designed to give students a thorough understanding of the above topics. This webquest can be assigned as an independent learning project, a small group cooperative learning project, or can be completed as a whole group activity!


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