TpT Seller Dashboard | Taking Your TpT Store to the Next Level

TpT Seller Dashboard | Taking Your TpT Store to the Next Level

TpT Seller Dashboard is a game changer if you sell products on TpT! All of your sales ,earnings, licenses sold, commissions & fees, and tax data is neatly displayed in a dashboard that allows you to filter by year, quarter, month, product, and school purchase order. You can even select any combination of these which means the possibilities are almost endless!

TpT Seller Dashboard uses your sales transactions from TpT Marketplace and it’s literally copy and paste easy! There is no limit on the number of transactions so if you’ve been on TpT for years, you now have the ability to view and manage the financial performance of your products as never before!

Check out this short video to see how the TpT Seller Dashboard works…

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What information does TpT Seller Dashboard display? All of these items can be filtered by Year(s), Quarter(s), Month(s) or if purchased with a School Purchase Order

  • Total Sales of Individual Products
  • Total Sales by Product IDs
  • Total Earnings of Individual Products
  • Total Earnings by Product IDs
  • Total Monthly Sales
  • Top 10 Total Sales by Product ID
  • Top 10 Earnings by Product ID
  • Top 10 Sales by State
  • Sales Analysis showing: Sales, TpT Commission, Transaction Fees, Earnings, Number of Licenses Sold, Average Earnings per License, Total Sales Tax TpT Remits, Total Sales Tax Seller Remits

Compare the Sales & Earnings for an individual product over the entire life of the product.

Compare “Back to School” or other sales campaigns over multiple years to determine the effectiveness of your efforts.

Analyze product monthly sales to determine when your customers are buying and when you need to focus your marketing efforts.

Analyze what geographic area(s) your sales are coming from to help focus your marketing effort. In other words, if the bulk of your sales are coming from the West Coast region, you would want to take that into consideration when scheduling social media posts.

Comparing product earnings per license over time can be helpful in developing a pricing strategy.

What are some other questions TpT Seller Dashboard can answer?

Which products are being purchases with a School Purchase Order?

Which product(s) caused a spike in my sales?

How much sales tax was collected on sales of products?

How many products did I sell in August of last year versus this year?

Which products are selling better during “Back to School” month?

And more…

*Requires Microsoft EXCEL 2013 or newer version

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