Product Description

This easy to read, one page reading passage is the perfect way to introduce the Scientific Method to ALL of your students! Includes 2 differentiated reading passages, 3 differentiated student worksheets, a CLOZE Reading worksheet option, 2 differentiated quizzes, and answer keys for everything!

This Digital Notebook Version includes everything in the print version of this product
plus: Google Slide versions of all 3 reading comprehension activities and two differentiated self-grading Google Form Quizzes.

Topics Covered


Ask a Question



Analyze Data


Independent Variable

Dependent Variable

Control Group

Qualitative Observations

Quantitative Observations

Scientific Theory

Scientific Law

Informational Text Reading Passage

Students are introduced to the scientific inquiry process and each step of the Scientific Method is explained in detail. 2 differentiated reading passages are included.

Differentiated Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Three differentiated versions of student reading comprehension worksheets are included: 1) Open ended questions with In Your Own Words Make a Connection annotation boxes for grade level & higher reading level students 2) CLOZE Reading fill-in-the-blank worksheet for lower reading level students. 3) a modified reading comprehension worksheet that pairs with the modified reading passage for lower reading level students. These activites can be completed individually or as a whole group. The Digital Version includes additional Google Slide Digital Notebook versions of all 3 of these reading comprehension activities (Grade Level, CLOZE Version, Modified Version). Students have their own Digital Notebook version of the reading passage and enter their responses right into the digital worksheet.

Differentiated Assessments (editable)

Two differentiated versions including 13 multiple choice questions taken directly from the reading passage. I included both a word copy and a pdf copy so you have the ability to modify/add/delete any quiz question you like. The Digital Version includes an additional two self-grading Google Form Quizzes ( Grade Level Quiz & Modified Quiz).

All answer keys included!

Teacher Lesson Pacing Guide Included!

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Scientific Method Informational Text