Digital Book Review Template Bundle for any Novel

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This digital book review bundle includes everything you and your students need to create a great looking Digital (or Print) Book Report. The included google form discussion question assignment challenges students to analyze setting, character actions, author tone and purpose, point of view, plot development, and connections to the main characters.

Included in this Bundle

12 page Google Slide Digital Book Report (student instructions included)

Black & White Print Version and Digital Version in Color

7 Criteria Rubric – Both Print Version and Google Sheet Version that Automatically Calculates Total Score! This is a real time saver!

Google Form with 13 Discussion Questions. Works great as a homework assignment prior to class discussion or as a springboard to online discussion and collaboration!

Included Bonus! – Editable Digital Google Form Book Report

Digital Book Review Template Pages Included

Title & Author Page


Character Development: Protagonist, Antagonist

Plot: Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, & Resolution

Theme or Main Idea

Connections: Text-to-Self, Text-to-World, Text-to-Text

Opinion & Rating

7 Criteria Rubric

Rubric Criteria Includes: Title & Author, Setting, Character Development, Plot, Theme, Connections, Overall Rating

Digital Google Sheets Rubric & Print Version of Rubric